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  • Julie Mann
  • Julie Mann

    Julies dental career expands over 36 years where she first started training as a dental technician at Cardiff Heath Hospital.

    On completion of her course, she then joined the Royal Army Corps serving in several locations across Germany. It was during this time where Julie developed an awareness in helping soldiers maintain good oral health by helping at Health Fairs and National Oral Health Strategies.

    Likewise, this then encouraged Julie to complete the tri-service course in Dental Hygiene at the Military School of Training, Aldershot in 2002.

    After leaving the Army, Julie and her family moved to Kent after successfully completing the BSc (Hons) degree in Primary Dental Care at University of Kent. Where she works in several practices across the South East of Kent and delivers training courses for carers in residential homes.

    Julie specialists in helping people to give up smoking where by she is a smoking cessation advisor and has a keen interest in helping people through the method of hypnotherapy and relaxation.

    GDC Number – 5854


    Seeing a Hygienist is more than just getting your teeth cleaned, it gives you the knowhow to keep your mouth in the best of health while at home and between visits to us.

    Many people will go for a simple six monthly visit with the Hygienist to keep everything top notch, however on occasion Julie may want to change this to allow for a more detailed treatment plan for you.

    To make things a little simpler why not book your dental examination with one of our dentists and on the same day see Julie for that tailor-made Hygiene visit!

    The benefits of coming to see a Hygienist far exceed just giving you a great smile, surprisingly it can help with your general health, just think how much your mouth is used every day, so why neglect it and only give it any attention when that dreaded reminder letter arrives from us.

    Did you know?

    Did you know that a Hygienist does more than clean the teeth and remove hard calculus from them, they will remove it from beneath the gum line where you cannot reach, your gums will become much healthier, just think, where would your teeth be without your gums to hold them in place? 

    Call us today and talk to our reception team about getting an appointment with Julie, it will do you the world of good. 

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